Our events are Sparring (USAT World Class, American Open Elite Class(Black belt 12-32 years old), Grass Root Class) Tag Team, Poomsae, Pair/Team Poomsae and Open Poomsae, Please click to register

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USAT World Class Black Belts ONLY: Athletes & Coaches

USAT World Class Sparring Weight-Ins: Friday, March 22nd at CSUEB main gym from 6pm-8pm

Officially Sanctioned by USAT, the American Open provides the opportunity for USAT World Class athletes to earn points and higher ranking. Due to updates to the new USAT ranking system, the American Open is requiring all Cadet, Junior, and Senior USAT World Class Black Belts (individual poomsae and sparring divisions only) and respective coaches to re-register online at

  World class Sparring  Daedo PSS system- USAT World class Sparring Division from 12- 32 years old Black Belt will use the Daedo PSS system. Please bring your own E-foot gear (GEN 2) All  Cadet, Junior, and Senior USAT World Class Black Belt competitors (individual poomsae and sparring divisions) and respective coaches MUST:

1. be an active USAT member

2. complete USAT background check (18 and over)

3. complete Safe Sport certification at

Please register through to check your qualifying divisions and complete the prerequisites listed above. For those that have already registered through the American Open website, you may select “pay later” when re-registering through hangastar, or pay online and receive a refund at the tournament venue (must bring printed confirmation of USAT registration).

 You DO NOT need to register through USAT if you are NOT competing or coaching in USAT World Class Sparring and/or USAT World Class Individual Sport Poomsae. 

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Coach’s Dress code: Coaches are prohibited from wearing jeans, shorts, tank-tops, hat/cap, or slippers while on the arena floor or coaching a competitor. Please follow the official USAT dress code for more details. 

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We are honored to have you serve as an official at our upcoming American Open TKD Championships.

Referee dress code: Black pants, white dress-shirt, red tie, and white shoes 

Please click to register by March 19th. 

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Volunteers dress code: Blue jeans, white shoes and tournament T-shirt

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All VIP/ Grand Masters and Masters. 

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