Coach Rules & Info


General Information

  • All Coaches must register online.
  • Passes will be available the day of the tournament and are dependent on the number of participants per school with Registration form (One pass for every 10 students). Otherwise, there will be a $25 fee per coach.
  • Coaches must wear their passes at all times on the gym floor. A coach's pass may be revoked at the discretion of the Tournament Director.  
  • World Class(USAT event) Sparring, Form coaches- Must register through the Hang-A-Star and bring a your coach pass from the USAT

Rules & Regulations

  1. Coach badge with picture required for all coaches. VIP/Grandmaster badge alone is not eligible to coach.
  2. Hats, slippers/sandals/flip-flops, jeans, shorts, tight leggings are prohibited attire for coaches.
  3. Only one coach is permitted on the competition floor with one competitor.
  4. Coaches and competitors shall be seated and not standing at the ring.
  5. Kicking pads/targets are not permitted on the competition floor.
  6. Assistant coaches and parents with coach badge are not permitted at the ring to help a coach, yell or cheer. Exception: may stay at ring to sit with another competitor waiting to compete but must leave competition floor if not sitting in coach’s chair when match is called.
  7. NO PICTURES OR VIDEO allowed on the competition floor without a Media Pass.
  8. Waiting period for coaches: coach has 2 minutes to get to ring, otherwise match starts without coach.
  9. Late coach can only enter ring in between rounds, not during round.
  10. Coaches shall not enter or stand in center aisles or areas between rings, and shall remain seated, at all times, at the outer most portion of the rings on the floor or chairs closest to the walls.

Violation of any of these rules shall result in surrender of coach badge. Failure to surrender coach badge when first requested by the Referee Advisor, Referee Chairman, or any Referee or Tournament Committee Member will result in removal from competition floor and Convention Center for the remainder of the event. 

Dress Code

Coaches are prohibited from wearing jeans, shorts, tank-tops, hat/cap, tight leggings, or slippers while on the arena floor or coaching a competitor. Please follow the official USAT dress code for more details.